Graduate School Reading Update

As a new, transferred English graduate student at Western Carolina University, week one is already underway as of two weeks ago with preparations in reading. This is some of what I am currently studying as well as plans moving forward.

I am taking a course titled “Transnational Literature” in which I have read three supplementary essays on subjects varying from the concept of what a nation actually is and not just defined by a map, the concept of imagined communities, and the romantic movement of the novel in Latin America and its ties to the idea of political change. The text I am reading to bring these concepts into life is William Faulkner’s A Light in August.

I am taking a Methods course in which I am reading a rather expansive history of the discipline of English as well as its reported disorganization and strength in that faculty of its importance moving forward.

I am also taking a non-fiction course, the first prompt in which has already been accepted to Polychrome Ink Literary Magazine. It will be posted later this fall under my publications page.